A Baker’s Dozen Brunch

An old friend and I were looking for a new place to brunch in Paris. I already have my favorite spots but I am always open to trying new places. We stumbled upon Treize Bakery, thanks to Pinterest. It looked too cute not to try. The little bakery offers a sweet fusion between French delicacies and fresh produce with the American southerner flair. After flipping through an engaging menu online, it was decided to do an early Saturday brunch.

Tucked away in an alcove off rue des Saints Peres, you would never find this little breakfast gem without knowing where to look. A line of plants draws you over to the door, where a smiling waiter will welcome you. I was a little taken a back when she said, “Good morning. Welcome!” in a perfect American accent. The warm room smelled of pancakes and has the most comforting décor. I felt snug in a little breakfast nook as I perused the coffee options. The place is run by three women and one French sous-chef. It quickly became evident that a lot of the people in the place were regulars as each person fait les biz upon entering to at least two of the women. All interchanging between English and French, it was as if these people didn’t need long to make their choice between the French toast beignet or bakers Benedict.

I waited quietly for my friend to arrive and silently took in each little detail from a bench seat at a tiny table for two. One of the waiters started to make lemonade from scratch to my left. A group of young French ladies laughed over their fresh pressed juice having already made their order. The open kitchen fumes slowly drifted towards me. It was definitely a secret American spot as my friend was also greeted with a happy English hello which made her pleasantly surprised. It’s not every day once has this kind of experience Paris. Plus, the décor made us feel like something straight out of Pinterest. -Only fitting.

If you’re ever near Saint Germain des Près and you’re looking for a family fresh feel on a Saturday brunch, head over to Trieze, a bakers dozen.

16 rue des Saints Peres
75007 Paris





The rain has yet to let up in Paris. As I sit and fold laundry I can see rain drops slide down the windowsill. This afternoon I was in search of a little corner of paradise to brighten up the day. How to escape time: music. A french favorite would have to be Brassens.


George Brassens is one if the most well known french singer/song writer/poets. Every single french person knows his name and holds his music close tho their hearts. He created a very unique style of song sculpted by simple melodies and anarchist-minded lyrics.

I was introduced to Brassens by a professor of mine. Being a poet, Brassens’s diction is very clear and he pronunciates words with such class. I was told he is the best artist to listen to in order to improve my french accent. The very first song of his I ever heard was, parapluie.

I did in fact spend a lot of time trying to understand the rhythm in which he speaks. I was more the lyrics and the story which really got me hooked. A man seeing a young girl caught in the rain and he offers her some shelter under her umbrella. She excepts and he immediately falls head over heals in love or as the french say, coup de foudre. A small rain shower has brought him a small corner of paradise.

When the fog rolls in and the rain starts to shower down find your inner Parisian and play some Brassens. He will pull you away from the gloominess through light-hearted music. He definitely brightened up my afternoon!