Halloween Night in Paris Catacombs


Last year I visited the catacombs for the first time ever… on Halloween. I had a friend visiting and we wanted to stick with the spooky theme. There is no better time to stroll through a long dark hallway surrounded by skulls then Halloween.

But apparently this year, you could take it up a notch. Air BNB took my idea and ran with it! They actually held a contest to win an over night stay in the catacombs. The winners get to sleep in what the company calls a “real bed” but there are no toilets…

Twenty meters underground with over seven million corpses to keep you company… I don’t think I would be brave enough. But it does include breakfast so, that’s a plus.

The 2km-long (1.2-mile) tunnels are just a small part of the abandoned quarries. The walls are lined with bones throughout the tunnels. There are also some reassuring quotes. `“Stop here is the empire of the dead ,” states one above the entry way of one endless hallway.

Being one of the city’s biggest tourist attractions, over 500,000 visitors make their way through each year. Not one has ever has the opportunity to stay over night. There is a first time for everything!



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